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Sep 13

FlipViewer Creator now available as version 3.6

Category: E-Book Systems

Our new FlipViewer version 3.6 is now available for download. It is important to us at FlipViewer that our customers have the best possible user experience. We have therefore developed additional functions in our 3.6 version which will offer you many advantages. Our newly added auto-updater will also automatically inform you of any new FlipViewer versions available.


New multi-media player in HTML5 version

As more and more FlipBooks with multi-media content are viewed on mobile devices we have also integrated a new video and music player.  The player will enable your readers to have a high quality display function at all times, no matter what kind of software they have installed.


Brand new HTML5 user interface

We have also completely overhauled and optimized the user interface of our HTML5 version which will improve the reading experience on mobile devices for your customerseven further.


Web tracking with Flip Analyzer

Get in touch with us now to analyze your customers’ reading and user patterns over your web interface. The patterns are displayed in graphics which will show you information including exactly where your readers are from, how often they viewed your site, and which operating system they used. This data will provide you with helpful insights for any future marketing planning. The FlipAnalyzer will also soon be available for HTML5 FlipBooks.



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