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Our customers are global players, agencies and small and medium enterprises. Let yourself be inspired by the variety.

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Our customers come from all economic sectors. Industrial companies use FlipViewer® to present their products and services in an attractive way during trade fairs, conferences and the internet. Publishers publish their excerpts, periodicals and magazines. Agencies can create brochures with multimedia elements for customer presentations.

Your imagination knows no bounds. On the following pages we would like to give small suggestions.

“We searched for an easy and economical solution to an electronic flip catalog to post on our website for a new product line. FlipCity’s website was easy to use and allowed us to sample a flip catalog before we purchased it. We liked the service so much that we produced all three of our catalogs in a flip format and plan to update them often and add more as well. This is an economical way for us to keep our customers up to date with our latest products. Our customers love these catalogs and comment on them often.”

Chris Rosenberg, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Unique Truck Accessories

“With high speed broadband we remove the obstacle that has traditionally prevented end users and authors from enjoying and providing multimedia rich content. This integrates especially well with E-Book Systems’ Digital Flip® technology which further enhances the multimedia rich content by packaging it within a 3D realistic page-flipping book interface. I have high expectations that Digital Flip® technology will contribute much to the proliferation of rich media broadband content.”

Masayoshi Son, CEO, SOFTBANK Corp

“We wanted to offer something different to our readers, and putting the magazine online in this format enabled us to provide them with a multimedia experience unlike any other paintball magazine. We chose E-Book Systems’ technology because of all the extra elements it has allowed us to incorporate into publishing our digital issues. Since introducing the digital issues, the reader response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve seen the numbers for our online subscriptions growing steadily, with a 100% increase in online subscriptions since this option was introduced in the beginning of 2007. In addition to the advantages we are able to offer our advertisers with the digital editions, the possibilities for creating new ways to entertain and educate our readers are endless. We’re planning to include video clips to accompany certain articles, for example a video of a paintball tournament to go along with a story on that tournament or videos of products being tested to accompany product reviews.”

Cheryl Amaya, Publisher, Paintball 2Xtremes

“We chose FlipViewer Xpress Creator because it’s very user friendly and cost effective. The customer service was excellent and we can get the project up and running quickly. We have also received many positive comments regarding the created flipbook from our clients. Our previous system was cumbersome with long download times – so far, we have received no complaints about the ease of download (a frequent problem in the past!) Some of our vendors have asked for your name – as they would like to offer a similar service to their readers.”

Carol Keskitalo, Operations Manager, Breakaway Adventures

“As our members are very important, we wanted to choose the best looking, most user-friendly option on the market. We especially like the FlipViewer Xpress’s search functionality where you can find anything in the document just by typing a keyword. Also the book-marking feature is very exciting and makes the book even more interactive. Linking our sponsor advertisements directly to their website within the pages is also a very important and helpful tool for our directory. FlipViewer Xpress makes the production of our membership directory more efficient as far as time and money are concerned. We use the FlipViewer Xpress as a replacement for our hardcopy membership directories that we used to print for our members in the past. Now we simply email them a link and save money on printing. In these difficult economic times, the FlipViewer Xpress is a good option for our company to pick without forgoing the value and information our directory provides. Our readers liked the new book even though it took a bit of time of getting used to the fact that there would not be a hardcopy. Once they started using the great functions, such as the search box, they forgot about the hardcopy and got excited about the new online version as a way to enhance their communication among members. It was also popular with our advertisers as instead of just a black and white ad, we were able to put them into the FlipBook in color and make them link to their websites directly. The response that we received from your admin and tech support was immediate and always helpful and informative. FlipViewer Xpress has more than met our expectations. Thanks to E-Book Systems for providing the means to help our company be more productive and run more smoothly!”

Amanda Tickner, Marketing & Membership Liaison, FCIB Global

“We chose FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator software because it is easy to use. It produces quality book-like documents, and offers useful end-user options like print, search, zoom and flipping sound. We are particularly impressed with the speed at which large documents can be viewed and browsed compared to a PDF. So far the readers’ response has been good. We wanted to start small and let users get used to the FlipViewer(R) Xpress software. We will drop the separate view PDF online option at some point since users will be able to get the PDF version from the FlipBook too. The FlipBook format is more popular for online viewing but many users still like to have the PDF file on their PCs for some reason. We plan to use FlipViewer(R) Xpress for many more publications including our catalogs, foundation newsletters, student newspapers, campus master plan, budget books and many others. The FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator software certainly meets our requirements. The staff at your company was a pleasure to work with as well. They were very patient and answered many of our questions.”

Cindy Osbon, Web Services Director, Frederick Community College

“We chose FlipCity because of its price and quality. FlipCity is versatile and with great quality even when zooming. Most converters lose quality on digital issues. FlipCity website is very easy to use, deeply reliable, and it takes me 1 minute to convert my magazine every month, nothing compared to the great clients’ and readers’ response!”

Andrea Montalvo, Editorial Director, Mexigo City The Tourist Magazine

“We chose FlipViewer Xpress Creator software because we liked the end product of some of the samples that we saw. So, we decided to go for it. Everyone loves the FlipViewer Xpress FlipBook format of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Tour Itineraries and Travel Guides. We have received great feedback from our readers. Our readers found the viewer very easy to use, and we especially like the search facility. We have people travelling with us from around the world so printed brochures don’t work for us. We have used PDFs in the past and this FlipBook edition is an extension of that. We have plans to further extend FlipViewer Xpress to our other publications.”

Warren Livingstone, Founder and Managing Director, Fanatics

“We chose FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator software because it is extremely easy to use. The ability to re-brand the FlipViewer(R) logo and host the catalog on our own server also helped make the decision easier. Having reviewed other digital publishing software, we found FlipViewer(R) Xpress solution much easier to use and less expensive. Also, E-Book Systems Customer Support Team has been fantastic, answering all of our questions in a short period of time. Our clients are more impressed with the FlipViewer(R) Xpress FlipBook format of the GNP Virtual Catalogs than anything. The look is great, and the pages load very quickly compared to our competitors’. The best feature for our clients is the search box, making the product research much easier. Being able to find our Item Numbers, Product Names and Descriptions are perfect for our clients and even our Sales Team. The ability to link is also helpful to our business as we are able to have link pages to our website, thus increasing the amount of online sales. FlipViewer(R) Xpress Creator has been a great purchase. We have no complaints or concerns about the software’s functionality or performance. We certainly look forward to using it for our 2011 Green Gear Line catalogs.”

Justin Grosskurth, E-Commerce Operations Manager, GNP

“What I like about FlipViewer® Xpress is that it is easy to use. Most of my customers like the simplicity of just flipping through a book instead of navigating through web pages. Therefore, your software did help us achieving what we set out to do – to publish books like catalogs on web and to eliminate the need to navigate the web. In a word, we are all looking for simplicity. There are many other flip book software, but yours comes on top for its ease to use. I have tried several other software, but I gave it up after a while.”

Paul C. Hsieh, President, The Pear Group, Inc.

“We have tried several different products to create digital flipbooks but yours is able to create a much more realistic digital publication than the competitor products could. Our current book is very large and we did experience crashing issues with the competitor software products. Small books were no problem for any of the software solutions but FlipViewer® Xpress Creator was the only product that could reliably and consistently create large digital books. I like many of the features of your product such as flexible source file types as input, customizable controls and background, output as self-extractable EXE, Auto-flipping, easy-to-use magnification and so on. Your product is also much better supported than other competitive products we tested. Overall, the FlipViewer® Xpress Creator provides the most pleasing output and options for digital book generation. I am very pleased with the results and strongly recommend FlipViewer® Xpress Creator from E-Book Systems.”

Jeff Walton, General Manager, Minneapolis Mart, Division of UMAGA

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