FlipViewer ® Xpress is a publishing solution that is equipped with an abundance of functions and adapted to suit all your needs.

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Feature Overview

A high-quality publishing solution must take into account two aspects: on one hand it requires a powerful Software, which needs to be as simple as possible, and on the other hand the end product itself. So with the FlipBook medium, your readers can immediately trigger a positive response.

FlipViewer Xpress Creator

FlipViewer® Xpress Creator

FlipViewer ® Xpress Creator is an appealing application that allows you to create a FlipBook in just a few clicks and without any kind of programming skills. The procedure is very simple - you create a project, add your source documents, specify the access settings and appearance, and publish it. Done.

When you customize the access settings and appearance, you will have more options than other comparable solutions:


PDF Conversion as basis

If useful features such as hyperlinks, internal links or bookmarks can be pre-created during the layout process of the document, and if fonts are embedded, then there is no need to do these again in the Creator. The Creator program will analyze these features, import them accordingly and make available these functions in the viewer.

Anpassung der Benutzeroberfläche

Customizing the User Interface

During the process, you have numerous options to customize the look of your publication to the corporate design of your company or that of your customers. Colored bookmarks, custom logos, custom backgrounds, and own button graphics are also possible. If you like the navigation bar down more than up, that's no problem too.

FlipViewer ® Xpress currently offers 21 international languages ​​that you can assign to the viewer interface. On complex publications with nested content, users can also customize the numbering of each page.


Incorporate multimedia elements

With our video tool, you can embed local flash video files into the FlipBook. You can also use your own interactive SWF files, as source to the FlipBook, and add external videos (eg from youtube) that can be opened in the FlipBook.

FlipViewer Interface

Reading FlipBooks

Use of FlipViewer ® Xpress FlipBooks is very intuitive and easy. Zoom and scroll, for example, in many different ways (some patented and possible only with exclusive FlipViewer ®) are possible. So every reader can follow his own reading habits and overcome the typical reading barriers seen in most flipbook technology.

Digital Editions

Cross Platform Publishing

PCs and Macs, with half a dozen browsers, tablets, smartphones - users of all these devices are potential readers of your publications. Consequently, we offer different output versions, each optimized for the accessing device. Since we do not want to confuse your readers, we will automatically send the right output to the correct device.

Offline Versionen

Offline Version

In addition to the online version of your catalog, you can easily play an offline version. You can use this version on a machine during an exhibition, or burn it onto CD / DVD or USB flash drives for your customers to distribute.

Empower and enable your sales employees with a mobile catalog for sales presentations. Our iFlipViewer App offers the best opportunity to display FlipBooks that are stored locally on the iPad.