FlipViewer ® Xpress is available in three editions. With a number of modules, you can extend the functionalities according to your needs.

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Basic Publishing Edition

Basic-Edition Rating

With our Basic Edition, we offer a solution for small and medium sized companies or freelancers who want to achieve convincing results with little effort. 

For a detailed functional comparisons of all three editions, see

The Entry Level-Edition

FlipBooks created with this version are particularly attractive because of ease of use. With the modular design, you can put together a professional presentation to suit any of your desires and needs.


Realistic 3D Flipping

FlipBooks offer a highly realistic 3D-flipping effect. You can flip the page by clicking the mouse on the side corners, the page thickness, the navigation buttons or the keyboard with the arrow keys.

Intuitive and fast user interface

FlipViewer Xpress will present to your readers optimized content in high quality after a brief loading period. The menu bars are easily structured and there are tooltips to explain each function.

Smooth zoom, high quality representation

During the creation process, text and images are processed separately. The text is fully embedded in the FlipBook. Thus in every zoom level text remains extremely sharp and very readable.

Full-screen or single-page read mode

According to the individual reading needs of the reader, different display modes for the FlipBooks are available.

External and internal links

Links to websites, e-mail addresses or internal pages created in the PDF are automatically applied.

Table of Contents

You can create a table of contents in FlipBook that can be accessed via the side menu bar. Up to 5 hierarchy levels are supported.

PDF bookmarks are automatically applied to the contents, but you can also add your own Table of Contents during the creation process.

Jump directly to specific pages

If you want to purchase an item in your catalog or want to jump from your website to a specific article in your magazine, you can jump to the individual pages of FlipBooks directly.

Multi-lingual Viewer Interface

FlipViewer Xpress is international and the language can be specified during the creation process. Reader can choose from 21 languages ​​for the user interface.

Change FlipBook Background

Customize the background of each FlipBook, with a background color or a background image.

Offline print version

An offline version (on the PC, Mac and Linux) in a single file allows easy sharing. Ideal for exhibitions, client presentations or catalog CDs.

Download PDF

Reader can download either single pages, the complete PDF or range of pages.

Defining access rights to the document

The user can be restricted if required. You define e.g. whether to allow print, highlight, copy text, etc.

Bookmarks for easy access

Colored bookmarks on the pages provide fast access to respective chapters/pages of the FlipBook. This can also be added by the reader.


The archive function allows past issues of the magazines or catalogs to be displayed.

Content through a Lightbox call

Videos, image galleries or other content can be displayed attractively in a pop-box dialog on top of the pages (Lightbox).

Track FlipBook requests

The integration of a Google Analytics code will allow you to understand the traffic to your FlipBook.

Social Media Integration

Users can, with a few simple steps, share the FlipBook on social media. thus widening the distribution.