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Apr 13

FlipViewer Xpress 3.5

Category: E-Book Systems

FVXC 3.5E-Book Systems presents a new and improved version of FlipViewer Xpress Creator software.

Among many features improvements in Version 3.5, a whole new multimedia editor is especially worth mentioning. The editor opens in a separate window which facilitates the adding of multimedia and other interactive elements in one place. The multimedia editor replaces the previously flash video-based video tool and expanded its functions substantially.

The new editor provides ease of access to all the pages within the book combining with a thumbnail overview of each page for selection to edit. This new form of navigation facilitates the integration of multimedia files through a WYSIWYG user interface. You can just easily add internal and external links, interactive buttons, video and audio files anywhere on the desired page. 

Multimedia Editor

The support for video file types was further optimized. With Version 3.5 version, MP4 files can now be inserted and thus providing compatibility for viewing on mobile devices. YouTube videos can now be added easily as well.

The audio playback has been revised and adapted to your needs. Audio elements no longer need to be heard continuously after opening the page, but can be controlled by playback controls. You can further customise the audio symbols from your own graphic assets and position them anywhere within the FlipBook. A new audio player has been included for superior playback quality and control.

The followings are other important additions that you would expect in this new release:

  • A new freehand drawing feature within the FlipBook added to the highlight features that allows you to easily mark-up important notes freely on page like a pen.
  • The "Table of Content" can now be shown expanded at the very start of the book launch.
  • Two new language versions added, Slovak and Vietnamese.
  • The cover illustration in the form of a double-page spread is now supported.  The program recognizes the formatting and automatically sets up the pages correctly and defined front and back of the document. This is very useful for example in landscape formatted documents, e.g.  PowerPoint files.
  • Structural change in the output directory to allow future a simpler adaptation of the flash functions for the HTML5 viewer.


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