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Oct 12

E-Book Systems Launches FlipViewer Xpress Creator 3.0 Digital Publishing Software

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E-Book Systems launches FlipViewer® Xpress Creator 3.0 Digital Publishing Software, that helps you to reach out to mobile users.

Helps you to reach out to All Platforms
“..much better supported than other competitive products we tested. Overall, the FlipViewer® Xpress Creator provides the most pleasing output and options for digital book generation.”


E-Book Systems, creator of the patented Digital Flip® e-publishing technology, announces today the release of the FlipViewer® Xpress Creator 3.0, a wizard-based software that runs on PC. It enables publishers and corporations to create and publish realistic page-flipping digital publications (“FlipBooks”) easily with just a few mouse clicks. The created FlipBook can then be hosted on any web server for online viewing or distributed through any media (e.g. CD, thumb drive, etc.) for offline viewing.

Once the FlipBook is created, it can be easily viewed by the FlipViewer® Xpress viewer. This is a viewer which can run on many different operating system platforms including Windows and Mac, including mobile devices. FlipViewer® Xpress conveys the FlipBook in a 3-D page flipping interface, where pages are displayed like those in a real book. While a reader is reading the current page, the next few pages will be streamed into his computer. Page streaming allows pages to be available for immediate reading without having to wait for the entire book to be downloaded first. Staying true to the book paradigm, the displayed thickness of the FlipBook in FlipViewer® Xpress is indicative of the number of pages inside, allowing readers to “thumb” through it with the mouse. Readers can also perform keyword searches, bookmark pages, highlight passages and add comments using a virtual notepad while reading the FlipBook.

“We chose FlipViewer® Xpress Creator software because it is easy to use. It produces quality book-like documents, and offers useful end-user options like print, search, zoom and flipping sound. We are particularly impressed with the speed at which large documents can be viewed and browsed compared to a PDF,” said Cindy Osbon, Web Services Director of FCC.

FlipViewer® Xpress Creator accepts any PDF, image and/or Flash documents as inputs. A single FlipBook can thus be generated out of a combination of multiple inputs of such file types. In addition, multimedia elements like audio and video files can be incorporated into the FlipBook to enhance readers’ experience. Indeed, with FlipViewer® Xpress Creator, the user can create a FlipBook with voice narrations by associating audio files with any of the pages. FlipViewer® Xpress Creator can also generate files for search-engines to index. This will enable the FlipBooks to become searchable by the search-engines (e.g. Google).

The most important aspect of FlipViewer® Xpress Creator is that it allows a user to customize how FlipViewer® Xpress (i.e., the FlipBook viewer) will look like to the readers when the FlipBook is opened. Publishers and corporations can easily customize their logos and branding info into the viewer displaying their FlipBooks. In addition to the ability to customize the user interface, the language of FlipViewer® Xpress can also be changed. In this way, the user can target his FlipBooks globally catering to readers in the different parts of the world. Languages currently supported include: Chinese, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Turkish, Hebrew, Thai, and Arabian.

“We chose FlipViewer® Xpress Creator software because it’s very user-friendly and cost effective. The customer service was excellent and we can get the project up and running quickly.” said Carol Keskitalo, Operations Manager of Breakaway Adventures.

“I like many of the features of your product such as flexible source file types as input, customizable controls and background, output as self-extractable EXE, Auto-flipping, easy-to-use magnification and so on. Your product is also much better supported than other competitive products we tested. Overall, the FlipViewer® Xpress Creator provides the most pleasing output and options for digital book generation. I am very pleased with the results and strongly recommend FlipViewer® Xpress Creator from E-Book Systems,” said Walton.

With FlipViewer® Xpress Creator, users can now create digital publications out of print publications like catalogues, brochures, annual reports, magazines, books, manuals, handbooks, newsletters and so on. Digital publications allow users to reach out to more readers via the Internet globally and to save in printing cost.

The FlipViewer® Xpress Creator is part of the FlipViewer® Enterprise Software Suite which E-Book Systems offers as a complete e-publishing solution to publishers and corporations. For more information, please refer to:

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