For special needs, we have specific solutions. Whether as a publisher, printer or large companies, our extensions offer comprehensive solutions.

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Feature Extensions

FlipViewer® Xpress provides many feature extension possibilities. Our solutions are scalable, depending on your project. We can also develop customed solutions for your projects.

The following extensions are available:   Digital Rights Management, Hotfolder, Group Comments Function

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

For the effective distribution of magazines or books, it is essential to provide the publications with a flexible and powerful access control, in order to ensure only your paying readers get an insight into your content.

With our DRM server solution you can manage and control the access to your publications.

You can purchase our DRM server as a package for in-house use or you can use our DRM service. For this, we will prepare a separate quotation for your desired purpose.

Available in the following editions: Standard,

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Authentication Options

  1. Authentication on each access request
  2. Unique Subscription ID Authentication (login data is stored locally)
  3. Option to transfer Subscription ID through a URL extension
  4. Masked Subscription ID customer login area

Restriction of access to FlipBooks based on feature

  1. Print Pages
  2. Zoom Pages
  3. Copy text from the FlipBook
  4. Offline Version
  5. Access to limited pages without being logged

Restriction of access to FlipBooks based on time

  1. Unlimited access time
  2. Defined period of time (from-to)
  3. Library Functionality (Limited Time Loan)

Modules of the DRM server solution

  1. License Server – runs on CentOS. The Apache license server authenticates the user and assigns the reading license.
  2. DRM Database – requires MySQL. The database includes the FlipBook DRM licenses, rights and subscription information.
  3. FlipBook Registration Website & SOAP Interface - is the interface between the registration website and the DRM database. The website provides the management of access rights of the FlipBook and user management.

DRM Presentation Download

Requirements and Details

  • Redhat Enterprise Linux ES 4 / CentOS 4.7
  • Apache 2.0.52 web server
  • Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 6
  • JBoss 4.0.5 application server
  • MySQL 4.1.22 / MySQL 5.0.84 database server
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DRM Features

Regulate traffic to your publications for different user groups in different ways

  • Protection for your documents - Online und Offline
  • Different rights for different FlipBooks
  • Delivery of the documents with time stamps
  • Possible to backup on an individual level

DRM Workflow

DRM workflow


The Hot Folder module allows the automatic conversion of PDF documents. The PDF will be stored in a folder on a server that is continuously monitored by the software. When the user adds a PDF document in the folder, the conversion starts automatically based on predefined settings of design and reading rights. This function is not limited  to any number of employees and even across different locations, it is possible to convert PDFs into FlipBooks.

This allows an optimal workflow and ease of use for all employees and a company-wide consistent look-and-feel of FlipBooks can be achieved. Each hot folder can be assisgned a unique output path. It can also be configured as a multiple-user hot folder, so that different users and different publications settings can be used as required.

Available in the following editions: 

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Technical Details

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Dual Core 2 GHz 4GB RAM
  • 30GB Hard Disk Space

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008
  • PHP 5.2
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Extend the functionality of the command line version of the Professional edition to the hot folder component.

  • Hot folder will be automatically monitored for source input files
  • Config file will determine the look and feel of the FlipBook
  • Config file will be assigned to the hot folder


Group Comment Function

This service is for anyone who is interested to share notes and bookmarks, or access his own notes across computers. This function can be setup between publishers, graphic designers or printers, or within training institutions.

Comments within the group will be made available on our comments servers and the entire management access to the server can be made available.

Available in the following editions:  Standard,

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Technical Details

Access to the FlipBook will be granted only to a defined group of users. Each user will be clearly identified. He will be able to see comments from the other users, add/edit his own comments but not others.

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Extend the normal commenting feature where notes are stored locally on your computer, and access the notes from anywhere.

  • Add comments that can be viewed by others
  • Add your own comments and view other comments


Notes Sharing in defined groups